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Save you scripts online and add collaborators. Write from anywhere on any system. No need to worry about crashes and the loss of your script. Make Revisions and Notes. All the elements are on one page with easy access

Choose your language

Choose your native language. The Web App converts into 50+ languages. Translate your script into different languages. Write your script with automatic industry formatting with page count. Characters and headings appear automatically.

Breakdown your characters

Automatically adds dialogue characters so you can break them down into age, sex, job description and more. Automatically adds voice-over characters and gives a total of scenes, dialogue, voice-over and nonspeaking roles. Block dialogue and choose your colour. You can also add extras.

Breakdown your scenes

Automatic scene numbers, and time of day colours so you can instantly see how many daytimes and night-time scenes the script has. You also have a scene summary, and you can tag elements for each scene.

Find your scenes and characters easily

Click on scene number in scenes and the scene appears at the top of the page. The same is true when you click on Notes and Revisions. Go to characters and click on the scene and your scene will appear at the top of the page, with the characters for that scene, showing all their details.


Final draft
Movie Magic
Fade in
Celtx Screenwritin
Writer Duet pro
Price (year)
Free 30-day trial
Mac version
Linux version
Windows version
PDF export
Iphone/ ipad
Yes Free coming soon
Must purchase
Android app available
Yes Free coming soon
Web and mobile/tablet linked
Online collaboration
Custom formatting
Scene notes
Index Card notes
Text highlighting
Auto line adjustment
Revision page colors
Revision text colors
Scene number locking
Scene time of day colors
Change scene time of day colors
Page numbers locking
Automatic formatting
Outline View
Index card view
Auto fill
Dictionary and Thesaurus
Customizable navigator
Collaboration tools
TV script format
Change character names
Character view - Automatic list characters with dialogue for each scene.
Character view - Automatic list (VO) characters separately
Character view - Character breakdown – Lead, support etc
Character view - Add non-speaking characters
Character view - Add Extras
Character view - Block characters dialogue with color
Character view – Totals of Dialogue, non-speaking, (V.O) and scenes for each character
Element view - Tag elements
Email support
Phone support
24/7 chat support
Cloud storage
Environment friendly
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Christopher Kühne

Founder, Storyan

Breaking down a script can take a significant amount of time, but SPSCloud allows you to speed up the process and save time since the very writing of the script itself. Not only writers will find it easier to put their stories and their elements down on the page, but producers, line producers, directors, and heads of department alike will wish they had an app like SPSCloud before

Sue Vicory

Heartland Films Inc.

A brilliant, affordable and much needed app for screenwriters around the world. While easy and versatile to use SPSCloud, this digital platform will easily become an industry standard. For writers of all levels of expertise, it’s a must have. I’m going to recommend it for my vast networks in the film industry.

Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest

Writer, Filmmaker

Instead of spending countless hours trying to correctly format my screenplay, SPS makes it easy to get my story down on the page quickly.” “It’s now so simple to share my work with my colleagues using SPSCloud. I can get their feedback and notes without any hassle.

Teresa Navarro

Writer, Producer, Actress working with Warner Bros and Mark Walhberg Productions

The industry has been waiting for an app like this for a long time. A writing app for writers. I have tried most of them including Celtx, Final Draft and Writer Duet. They all have their good points and bad points, but SPSCloud beats them all hands down and covers everything I need to write a Film script or TV script.


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