5 Reasons for Vloggers to Use Screenwriting Software



.The past decade and a half was truly a golden age for vlogging, whether it be via YouTube or any other platform or publisher. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but some of the more obvious ones include a significant drop in barriers to access.

A smartphone camera, microphone, and reliable internet connection can make anyone essentially become a journalist, vlogger, or narrator for their own brand or business.

With the rise in vlogging, viewers are increasingly inundated with quantity sometimes at the lack of quality. Professional editing software, superior cameras and audio equipment, and screen writing software can do wonders for quality. Below are five reasons why vloggers need to use reliable screenwriting software:

  • Meet Industry Standards

As helpful as Google Docs or Microsoft Word are for document preparation and editing, you’re going to need something more robust for professional screenwriting. What exactly constitutes industry ‘standards’ can change from person to person. But, you’re far better off submitting a script that’s a professionally screenwriting project than using a tool they may not be familiar with. Or worse, one that requires constant back-and-forth updating for revisions and edits.

  • Achieve Delivery Format

Screenwriting software such as SPSCloud are essential for their ability to meet delivery formats that are ‘industry-standard’ (e.g. PDF). Moreover, reliable screenwriting software goes beyond delivery formats and enables users to collaborate, the ability to invite new users, and many other features that save you time (and money). 

  • Customise Fonts

Screenplays are displayed by default in Courier font. That’s all well and good, but the ability to format dynamically (in the case of SPSCloud, automatically too) and adjust formatting at the click of a button is more than an aesthetic luxury. It’s a must-have in terms of saving time and boosting productivity.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

If a product is free, then you are likely the product is inferior. It’s true that some ‘free’ or ‘freemium’ screenwriting solutions exist for everyday use, but they often can’t stand up to the rigours and quality expected for anyone serious about vlogging.

That’s why SPSCloud has opted for an SaaS approach to provide customers with a cost-effective solution which starts with a free 30 day trial, and subscription stats at as little as $4.99/month whilst offering many of the same (and better) features when compared to Final Draft and other major competitors.

Vlogging can be done on a shoestring, but high-quality screenwriting doesn’t need to cost a fortune as your channel grows from a few dozen views to a few thousand.

  • Intuitive, Easy to Use

There’s a reason why Photoshop and Illustrator, for example, require courses and plenty of practice to fully utilise their powerful capabilities. To a novice, however, looking to get into screenwriting, some of the big software providers have similarly made their interfaces clunky and unintuitive.

Instead, use a software package such as SPSCloud which is intuitive and cuts the clutter for a user-friendly experience. Although the software makes it easy to sit down and type, it doesn’t skimp on the more advanced features either. SPSCloud makes everything from index cards, revisions, notes, element tagging, and collaboration a breeze.


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