About Us

About Us

SPSCloud means screenwriting, production and shot list based in the cloud.
The first app we have designed is for writers and filmmakers, and is a
screenwriting app for desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

David M. Raynor - a filmmaker, writer, director and producer is the CEO of SPSCloud and the designer of these apps. David has been making films for the last 7 years and in that time has won 32 International awards and been nominated 9 times for his short films. A number of his cast and crew have also managed award status (23 awards).

During the years making films David often wondered why these filmmaking apps were either very expensive and or not user-friendly. “I couldn’t get the desired result I was after,” he said. So, he put together a team of designers and programmers to create a screenwriting app for personal use. On showing leading filmmaking colleagues who were suitably impressed by the app, they said to him, “Why are you so selfish? You should share this with the world.”

In the last couple of years, David was asked to sit on panels with other filmmakers at Cannes and Sundance film festivals. He also sat on a three-person jury as a judge at the 2018 Bogota International film festival. In 2019, David was asked again to sit on a panel of filmmakers at AFM, in Santa Monica (November), and also at the Toronto Film Market (September) to talk about his latest projects.

David and his team are also creating a mobile screenwriting app and desktop production app as well.

David said,

“I wanted to develop a couple of filmmaking apps that are user-friendly and affordable for everyone. They need to be aesthetically pleasing to look at as writing and production is a creative process and can be frustrating sometimes. But by working on apps offering a calming influence you are free to open your mind and create awe-inspiring scripts and productions”

We are all waiting for the trilogy of apps to be completed.

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