How to Use Screenwriting Software for Character Development


There are many strategies and so-called ‘hacks’ to coming up with compelling characters for your screenplay. Of course, some of these tips are more helpful than others, so your mileage really may vary. In any case, going into character development and getting down to the identity, goal, and purpose of your characters brings them to life and connects them to your audience. Read more

3 Clever Ways to Beat Writer’s Block


I can’t think of what to write so I’m just going to watch the cursor blink until by osmosis, the ideas just come to me. Yes, it happens to writers all the time, but it doesn’t mean that you’re condemned to writing a sentence or less a day. Read more

Helpful Tips for Getting Into Screenwriting


Perhaps no one could have said the famous line from The Godfather “I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse” like the late Marlon Brando, but those famous words would never have hit the screen were it not for excellent screenwriting. Getting into screenwriting can be both exciting and rewarding, but one thing’s for sure - it’s a big endeavour that can end up in frustration without a few helpful tips: Read more

SPSCloud Screenwriting competition rules and terms


We are open to all writers who have a yearly subscription; whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer with a great idea. Our competition is open to all screenwriters from all countries and in any language. We are truly global. Read more

The Best FREE screenwriting contest-with cash prizes


SPSCloud's free screenwriting contest is a quarterly screenwriting contest, and is open to writers who have a TV script or film script they want to submit. Read more

The 8 Best Screenwriting Apps in 2021


The best screenwriting from decades ago came from pen and paper (oh, and ideas), and some die-hard classicist screenwriters still swear by their ink and paper today. Screenwriting software offers so much functionality and specialised tools to assist screenwriters, but it’s been fairly resistant to change until recently. Read more

What the Screenwriting Industry Needs in 2020


For nearly a century, screenwriting has long remained an industry that’s relied on trusty old tools for effective creative writing. Whether that’s been a pen and notepad, a typewriter, or in recent decades a personal computer, the idea has been the same: help writers get their ideas into black and white. Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Screenwriting Career


For those who have a flair for writing and plenty of imagination, there are lots of writing career options available. Some people go on to become authors of fiction, some pursue careers such as copywriting, and others decide to move into journalism. Another great career choice for those who love to write is screenwriting, and this is a career choice that offers a huge range of benefits. Read more

5 Reasons for Vloggers to Use Screenwriting Software


The past decade and a half was truly a golden age for vlogging, whether it be via YouTube or any other platform or publisher. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but some of the more obvious ones include a significant drop in barriers to access. Read more

The Power of Visual Descriptions in your Script


So you are sitting down at your desk and you have an idea to write a TV script or film script. Of course you can visualise the story and you open up your preferred screen writing app. SPSCloud. Do you want to prepare scenes with index cards or are you a writer that is able to let the ideas flow and write the script from scene one without other prompts? Read more

What Your Characters Need to Captivate The Audience.


This is an interesting topic and is not an easy one to put your finger on. Firstly you must have a good story to tell and the characters must be interesting. I always give my characters an identity and by that I mean, in my mind they are not just characters in a screenplay, but they need to be real. Read more

How to Get Started as a Screen writer


You want to become a screen writer. You have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to put them down on paper or write them into a script format. So here’s a few ideas I will throw at you. You need to find a good screen writing program or app, and you need to have a story you want to tell and it must be engaging for you. You need to enjoy the process of putting your ideas down on paper and telling a story. Read more

How to write a Script for a short film


So, you want to write a screenplay for a short film. The number one priority in script writing is to be prepared and organized. I class short films into two categories 1 to 10 minutes in length and 11to 45 minutes in length and there are different methods depending on the length of the film. Ahead of time you must have an idea of the story and how complicated your story is. By that I mean how many characters and locations. Read more

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