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Rules & Terms

Only one script entry per user for each competition.

We are open to all writers who have a yearly subscription; whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer with a great idea.

Our competition is open to all screenwriters from all countries and in any language. We are truly global.

Only one script writing from each contestant is allowed, either Film or TV.

All scripts must be copywritten and have a registration number attached on the title page. If you are not sure how to copywrite your script here is a link

Feature film scripts: Max 110 mins.
Short film scripts: Max 15 mins.
TV pilot scripts: Max 30 mins.

Prize Payments:

SPSCloud will endeavour to make all prize payments within 30 days of notifying winners. Prize payments dates are made on the discretion of SPSCloud and can be subject to change. Winners need a valid PayPal address to receive payment. Prize payments will be made on a Friday following the 1st day of the payout month.


Trophies will be sent to the winners Via UPS or FEDEX, depending which country the service operates in.

Submission Fees:
We are dedicated to providing a platform for all. Our subscription fees are low and go directly into competition prize monies and employing readers. As such we do not provide any refunds.

If you are not one of the winners you still have a great screenwriting app to use. Either way you are still a winner.


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