Is web-based screenwriting viable for professional screenwriters?

It most definitely is and it's the easiest way to keep all your documents and scripts in one place. There are only a couple of web-based screenwriting apps and these are the latest technology. Why write a script and then have to email it, or dropbox it to yourself, then reload it again. With SPSCloud screenwriting your web-based projects are instantly at your available.

Is SPSCloud suitable for students and first-time screenwriters?

Absolutely - with SPSCloud the interface is so much easier to navigate than the other screenwriting apps like Celtics, writerduet and studiobinder. SPSCloud has been designed with students in mind so that they can create their scripts without trying to find the next element. The other cloud-based apps mentioned are convoluted with production elements as well.

How will I know if I’m being charged after the trial period?

When you sign up, your card details are taken, however no money changes hands. Five days before the trial period ends you will be sent an email asking if you would like to continue with your subscription. if you would like to continue just click on the icon at the bottom of the email and we will charge your credit card. Then your yearly subscription is confirmed. If you decide not to go ahead then you are not charged and the trial period finishes.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You go to account> subscription> cancel. This will also give you a date when your subscription will be completed.

What browser do you recommend?

SPSCloud supports all browsers but Chrome, Firefox and Opera are the best for functionality. Safari can have issues with fast scrolling, but all the elements do work.

Do you support TV scripts, treatments and documentary format?

Yes! You can change the script type when creating a new document under new document> type, and then add your information. This becomes the title page and once you click save you are taken to the document interface.

Are scripts private?

Yes of course! SPSCloud uses SSL security. When collaborating you must invite a subscribed user or they need to subscribe and the scripts are protected by username and password. No one can access your script without your permission.

Can I import scripts?

Yes! You can. You can import in many formats. Final draft, Celtx, Writerduet, Fountain and PDF.

Can I export my script?

Of course! You can export your script and title page in PDF form.

Do you support mobile devices?

Yes we do. The FREE mobile device is available in android and iOS, and the apps can be downloaded at Google play or the App Store by typing in SPSCloud.

Who owns my writing?

You definitely own the writing and have copywrite. We only hold your scripts so they can be easily accessed and shared with those creatives at your request.

If I cancel my membership will I lose my scripts.

No, you will not lose your scripts as they will be kept on the server for when you want to re-subscribe. It would be advisable though to download all your scripts in PDF form.

How can I find notes?

When you open your script you will see a green dot on notes and that shows you that someone has written notes. If you want to write a note, click on notes then place your curser on the area of the script you want to make a note, and type a note into the note text box.

How can I open revision?

Open your script and you will see revision icon. If there is a red dot there then someone has made a revision. Click on the icon to open the text box and see the revision.

How can I make a revision?

If you want to make a revision click on make a revision in the revision text box and go to the part of the script where you want to make the revision. Make your vision and then save.

Will I lose the old text when I make a revision?

No! You, or your writing partner, have a choice of accepting the revision or reversing the revision by clicking on one of the two icons in the revision text box. If you reverse the revision then the old text will appear.

Do you have production elements?

Most of the available screenwriting apps that have production elements inserted like Celtx, Writerduet and Studiobinder are not very user-friendly, intuitive or very good. We decided to concentrate on scriptwriting for the artist, however we do have some pre-production elements like auto dialogue characters listed and elements able to be tagged for each scene.
This of course is of great benefit for any director, producer or actor reading the script to understand the writer's full intention with expanding his/her thought processes for production development.

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