The Best FREE screenwriting contest-with cash prizes



Free screenwriting contest with cash prizes.

SPSCloud’s free screenwriting contest is a quarterly screenwriting contest, and is open to writers who have a TV script or film script they want to submit.

The first screenwriting competition will open in 2021.

SPSCloud’s free screenwriting contest is an online screenwriting platform for students and professionals alike. This platform is dedicated to connecting audiences with indie filmmakers. Our aim is to herald the golden age of the auteur and give everyone the tools to become a creator. We run a quarterly screenwriting contest dedicated to finding and supporting new voices. Our competition is dedicated to screenwriters all over the world, as we understand filmmaking is Global, and that is why we created the SPSCloud screenwriting app which has translation in 100+ Languages. We are the only screenwriting app that has translation available.

We are looking for scripts with great storylines and those scripts that use the features on the SPSCloud platform which includes character breakdowns and action elements. These elements are the fundamentals in creating a great script writer which in turn will give you the opportunity of approaching producers and directors that may be interested in purchasing an option on your script.

Our competition is for all screenwriters no matter their country or language.

There is no entry fee. That’s right it is FREE.

However, to enter the competition you must subscribe for 1 year to the screenwriting app. Along with this you get a 30 days free trial, so thirteen months in all for a very reasonable price. When entering the competition your script is uploaded directly from the app to the judging panel database. You also have the opttion of a monthly subscription, however this does not allow you to enter the competition.

Your script does not have to be written on SPSCloud, so you may upload a PDF to the main page and make sure that you have checked the formatting is correct. In most situations it should be.

Your script should NOT be written more than two years before the date you enter the competition.


Feature films no more than 110 pages

TV pilot script – 1 episode

Short films from 2 pages to 15 pages


Short film from 2 pages to 15 pages

2018 – 40th Bogota International Film Festival with the young winner of the documentary section

TV pilot script – 1 episode

We focus on “outside the box” storytelling in film & TV foregrounding stories which include all themes, but we are very keen to see the story telling and the flushing out of characters and the action sequences.

We launched our free screenwriting competition to help provide a platform for these voices: the voices of this generation. Quarterly we launch a new opportunity for talented screenwriters and their genre of work. Our judges are obsessives, and industry survivors assembled to help you break into this crazy business.

There are two sections to this competition and 20 writers from each section will be selected as official selections and from these entries the winners will be announced. We will notify all official selections and winners by email.

Awards & Prizes

We are delighted to announce our first screenwriting competition.

SPSCloud Screenwriting Contest.

Screenwriting Official Selection Laurel


Feature film

Winner – US$500

2nd prize – US$250

3rd prize – US$125

Short film

Winner – US$250

2nd prize – US$125

3rd prize – US$75

TV Script

Winner – US$250

2nd prize – US$125

3rd prize – US$75


Short films

Winner – US$250

2nd prize – US$125

3rd prize – US$75

TV Script

Winner – US$250

2nd prize – US$125

3rd prize – US$75

All winners, first runner-up and second runner-up will receive a beautiful original designed Crystal trophy as seen above.

Why keep your script sitting on your computer?

By entering this free competition, you have an opportunity for your script to be seen and optioned. All our judges are film makers so the opportunity arises for one of them, or one of their colleges to option your script. Not only will you get optioned and paid for your script, but there is a chance your script will be seen on the big or small screen, with actors speaking the dialogue you wrote. SO AWSOME!!

Shooting in Australia ‘Are you okay’, a short film about the effects of a parent commiting suicide

Rules & Terms

We are open to all writers; whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer with a great idea.

Our competition is open to all screenwriters from all countries and in any language. We are truly global.

Only one script entry from each contestant is allowed, either Film or TV.

All scripts must be copywritten and have a registration number attached on the title page. If you are not sure how to copywrite your script here is a link

Feature film scripts: Max 110 page.
Short film scripts: Max 15 pages.
TV pilot scripts: Max 30 pages.

Prize Payments:

SPSCloud will endeavour to make all prize payments within 30 days of notifying winners. Prize payments dates are made at the discretion of SPSCloud and can be subject to change. All winners need a valid PayPal address to receive payment and the prize payments will be made on a Friday following the 1st day of the payout month.


The trophies will be sent to the winners Via UPS or FEDEX, depending which country the service operates in.

Submission Fees:
The SPSCloud screenwriting app is dedicated to providing a platform for all. And our subscription fees are low and go directly into competition prize monies and employing readers. As such we do not provide any refunds.

If you are not one of the winners you still have a great screenwriting app to use, so either way you are still a winner.


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