The 8 Best Screenwriting Apps in 2021



The best screenwriting from decades ago came from pen and paper (oh, and ideas), and some die-hard classicist screenwriters still swear by their ink and paper today. Screenwriting software offers so much functionality and specialised tools to assist screenwriters, but it’s been fairly resistant to change until recently.

Cloud-based and downloadable screenwriting software are now battling it out head-to-head, but there’s no denying that the current competition is seeing clear winners and losers already. Here are our top eight picks for screenwriting apps in 2020.

  • SPSCloud-online

Of course it’s no surprise we think highly of SPSCloud, and we’re proud to have developed a product that has your needs as a screenwriter in mind. SPSCloud reaches for long-term excellence with a cloud-based platform available in over 50 languages (an SPSCloud exclusive feature), interoperability across devices, and modern, affordable pricing options. With affordable plans and an excellent product, SPSCloud has lowered the entry barrier to screenwriting so that it is an attractive option for early-career screenwriters to try and for experienced writers to experience the future of their craft!

  • Celtx-online

The booming video game industry necessitates excellent screenwriting software for those compelling plots and storylines that keep gamers glued to their monitors. Celtx boasts many users, however we think this is an over exageration. It features a simple layout and interface designed with video games and VR in mind. It’s great for collaborative work, but solo users may find a lot of the features to be unnecessary. We found Celtx very slow to load.

  • Final Draft-software

At one time, the mighty Final Draft was pretty much as close as screenwriters got to an ‘industry standard’ for screenwriting. An Adobe Photoshop for screenwriters, if you will. Since being purchased in 2016, Final Draft has retained much of the functionality that made it great nearly 30 years ago. Unfortunately, the drawbacks are that it hasn’t really modernised to meet the demands of the new SaaS, cloud-based world of productivity apps and document editors. It’ll get the job done well, but expect to pay a hefty premium!

  • WriterDuet-online

Featuring excellent collaborative functionality and being completely cloud-based hits all the right notes. WriterDuet stands out from the pack in terms of long-term potential, and it also features a freemium model with four categories of subscription plans. We also found Writerduet very slow to load.

  • Movie Magic Screenwriter-software

Officially endorsed by the Writers Guild of America, Movie Magic Screenwriter shares a lot of the great functionality of old ‘standards’ like Final Draft. Once again, it’s great, it’ll get the job done well, but it suffers from being quite a bit dated. Its interface and interoperability are dated, but its price remains prohibitively high for what you’re getting.

  • StudioBinder-online

If you’re more into the management side of creative productions, StudioBinder is probably going to be your best bet. Trello shook the world of cloud-based project management, and StudioBinder uses a Trello-like card and board system to organise productions and encourage a smooth flow of tasks and duties. For strictly writing purposes, however, StudioBinder may not be the best choice. Studiobinder was also very slow to load.

  • Highland-software

Keep it simple, silly seems to be the motto of Mac-based Highland. This app is fantastic for budding novice screenwriters and is available for a pretty reasonable price. What makes it quite user-friendly is its bare, minimalistic appearance, letting you focus on what matters – writing! The drawback is that it’s perhaps a little too simple for more serious users.

  • Trelby-software

Big ups on the open source software used to create Trelby, a Windows-based screenwriting app that is similarly minimalistic like Highland and completely FREE. Not bad, but Trelby suffers from lacking features and functionality – it’s a little too simple.

The Verdict: Try SPSCloud

Give SPSCloud a go today. With low prices, modern functionality and integration, and rave reviews, get on board and see what screenwriting apps should be in 2020, leading into 2021.


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